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The story about Cu Lan village starts with its name
Area of village
Activities of Cu Lan village
Meeting with the owner of Cu Lan Village
“I love to create a beautiful, positive, wealthy and traditional Vietnamese village in this Central land. Cu Lan Village is my dream come true”.

Cu Lan tree is a kind of herbal tree that is used for stopping the bleeding of wounds. Cu Lan tree is also used for making meaningful souvenirs of the Central Highlands region. There is also a little animal which is like a monkey, looks like a panda; has big and very beautiful eyes named Cu Lan. These small animals (culi) can be raised as pets in every family. The Cu Lan Valley, surrounded by pine jungle, seems to be missed when all residents had left their hometown. Therefore, there was “a son” of Quang Nam who came to this land, settled down and was going to create Cu Lan village with a dream to build a peaceful tourist farm in the jungle.

Cu Lan village covers an area of over 5,000 hectares and is next to Suon Can Hamlet, Lat village, Lac Duong district, Lam Dong province. Operating under principles to protect and respect nature, Cu Lan village becomes an ideal destination for relaxing time with green environment as well as various outdoor activities, such as cycling, kite flying, horse riding, skill training, etc.

Meeting the needs of a resort city, Cu Lan village is going to introduce two tour packages: Overnight in a Flower Forest and Overnight in a Wild Jungle. Overnight in a Flower Forest package will be presented from May 2012 with high-standard services as well as well-equipped wooden houses in the jungle. According to the description, the Overnight in Wild Jungle package, is interesting for tourists who love adventure, such as overnight camping in the wild forest, as well as other guest requests. Instinct activities to survive will help to get rid of stress after hard working days. Naturally, a breath of fresh forest air will relax your mind during a long journey at this lovely village!

Mr. Tuan Anh passionately shares with us about his Vietnamese village: “I love to create a beautiful, positive, wealthy and traditional Vietnamese village in the Central Highlands. Cu Lan village is my dream come true. I really hope that all the beauties of Vietnam countryside, from simple boats of the Western region to wooden houses of the Central Highlands or beautiful “tu than” dress of Northern region, will be displayed in Cu Lan village. All beautiful elements of traditional Vietnamese countryside will not appear in my village, but by chance, tourists traveling around my place will catch a glimpse. Certainly, it is the key point for Cu Lan village becoming an ideal place”.

He continues: “My village, besides a dream to create the Vietnamese village, is also a “product” that shows my responsibility to my country, to my second homeland Lam Dong. Firstly, I’d like to have my own village that helps show my responsibility to environment. With this aim, I am going to build a farm in nature. No activities will impact any thing of nature. Particularly, all construction in my resort has never made “any changes” in the jungle; vice versa, the new construction will be a “jewel” to make the forest become more beautiful.

Secondly, I’d like to show my responsibility to national culture – the Vietnam culture in each detail of wooden houses or image of Western boats. To emphasize this second duty, I already completed a showroom where all paintings of Vietnamese artists will be shown. The gallery is my dedication to admire particular cultures of Vietnamese art in Cu Lan village. Hopefully, my showroom (with over 300m2 area) will be the special point of my farm.

Third, I love to set up a scale resort in order to give jobs for local people. It is said that I am showing my responsibility to Lam Dong Province. I hope that Cu Lan village is their second home where they can live, work by all their hearts. Therefore, they support not only themselves but also their families as well as their hometown.
Finally, I hope that Cu Lan will become a popular destination for tourists so that I can do my duty to society, to the State as our slogan “Our strength, our development is our strong contribution to the prosperity to country”.
A cultural resort as Cu Lan will be an ideal place for a meaningful journey in Flower City – Dalat!

Suoi Can hamlet, Lat village, Lac Duong district, Dalat, Lam Dong, Vietnam



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