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[giaban]15[/giaban][day]Duration: 6-10 PM- daily tour[/day][giacu][/giacu]


SIMPLY, We’ll show you where to eat. 

On the tour, let’s have a bit of this and that of the tasty food locals enjoy.
Walk to burn the food and get a feel of the city at night. Get a taxi or can hire our transportation when your feet start to go on strike – Contact us get price for car rental – Depend on your group size.


–>Hire a guide.

15 USD - Paid on finishing the tour.
You and friends pay for the food and taxi.
Meet at your hotel or any places around the city. 

Daily from 6h30 PM – 10:00 PM

We will choose some of the most popular dishes in the list below and "yum yum"

     “Our list”

 Light Food   
         Bread with meatball soup.
Crab soup
Rice dumpling cake
Soyal milk, beans milk with Vietnamese cakes
Banh can – bird egg, Vietnamese sauce, green onion, peanuts
Banh xeo  - Pancake with shrimp, sprout, dipping in fish sauce, vegie
Sate assorted- tofu, pork, bird, beef
Dalat Pizza – grill ricepaper with eggs
Fruit and icecream  Vietstyle
Viet sweets with coconut 
How to cook Vietnamese Pancakes

 Filled Food   

Sate pork with veggies roll
Seafood: snail and muscle and clamps Vietnamese style yum yum.
Green peppers and pork stomach stew.
Buffalo's tail hotpot.
Mushroom and tofu hotpot.
Soursweet – tamarind, fish balls, tofu, veggies, noodle
Bitter watermelon with fish ball.
Rabbit curry, grill.
Banh beo – pancake
Hot rice wine on fire +grilled pork on a tile.

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WhatsApp/Line:  +84 989.880.594
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