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We will pick you at your hotel or bus station between 8:30 am to 12:00 pm - flexible pick up time. ( If want airport pick up you need to pay extra cost).  

Some of the places that you will get to visit:
1. Robin hill & cable car  (You can see the whole view of DaLat city. You can also ride the cable car down to the monastery for enjoy amazing views with the pine forest, lake, views of the city if desire)
2. The Monastery (biggest monastery in the south of Viet Nam)
3. Paradise lake (biggest lake in DaLat)
4. Datanla waterfall (nice waterfall, you can ride the roller coaster if desire)
5. Linh Phuoc Pagoda (the largest pagoda)
6. Hydrangea flower farm (big field of  hydrangea flower )
7. Historical Railway Station (old train station)
8. Bao Dai Summer Palace (the palace of the last king in Viet Nam)
After the whole tour, we will also drop you off at your hotel.


We will pick you up at your hotel at 8:30 am (or depending on the time that you desire). 

Some of the places that you will get to visit:
1. Crazy house (a house with a unique architecture that will keep you in awe)
2. Van Hanh Pagoda (a pagoda with a big Buddha)
3. Dalat Flower Park
4. XQ embroidery (XQ hand embroidery is part of Vietnamese cultural heritage and they have very vibrant colors. They are also used as gifts for Vietnamese)
5. Showroom dry flower (dry flower exhibition)
6. Domaine Church (a unique and beautiful church)
7. Minority church (a very special church of the ethnic and minority people)
8. Langbian mountain (highest mountain in DaLat, you can take the jeep if you desire)
After the whole tour, we will also drop you off at your hotel.


We will pick you up at your hotel at 8:30 am, and we will be heading to DaLat countryside! Some of the places that you will get to visit the DaLat countryside:

1.  Top of Dalat(to view the whole countryside scenery)
2.  Coffee Plantations (you’ll get to see how Weasel coffee is made and try the coffee in the coffee farm itself!)
3.   Insect and wild animal farm (you’ll get to check out a cricket farm and have a try on fried cricket and more for those who are more adventurous!)
4.  Rice wine producer(you’ll get to see how some family make Vietnamese rice wine)
5.  Ethnic minority village
6.  Silk factory
7.  Linh An Pagoda with Happy Buddha
8.  Elephant Waterfall (the most natural and majestic falls in Lam Dong)
9.  Pongour waterfall (biggest waterfall in DaLat)
After the whole tour, we will also drop you off at your hotel.

Price:  Contact / 1 person applied for Private Tour
We have a big discount for a private big group!

Price Includes: English-speaking guide, Private car, all of the entrance fees, drinking water for 3 days, roller-coaster, cable car, jeep car up to the peak of Langbian Mountain.

Price Excludes: Lunch.

Note: For lunch, the tour guide will be able to give you a recommendation on some local restaurant.

Easy Payment:  Just fill out your information on the item " Booking Online" on the top page. We will reply to your email. Will come to pick up at your hotel. Our guide will bring our receipt and give you. You can pay for our guide.

For further information, please contact us:
Email: dalatprivatetour@gmail.com
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Mobile:  +84 86.860.69.79
WhatsApp/Line:  +84 989.880.594
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