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DaLat Private Tours


You can enjoy fresh airy space at Robin hill (1690m), Dalat cable car station to get the panorama view of  Dalat and enjoy the marvelous of the pine-forested valley stretch down to the South and take the cable car down to Paradise lake if desire.


Truc Lam (Bamboo Forest) Zen Monastery is one of the biggest Zen Universiy in Viet Nam. Please dress decently, a very quite scenery beside its very beautiful flower garden, which is built on the top of the Pheonix hill and surrounding by Tuyen Lam lake (Paradise lake)


They lie on either side of a 1.2-kilometre walkway and include buildings in both traditional and modern styles – like the Pedagogy College, Da Lat train station, churches, Buddhist temples, ancient villas, and traditional houses.
Also along the walkway are clay replicas of antique cars, Vespa scooters, steam locomotives, and everyday tools, which trace the development of Dalat.
A ‘Vietnam sovereignty house’ has the country’s map on its roof, including the Paracel and Spratly Islands.


Datanla Waterfall (25m high) is one of the more easily accessed falls in the vicinity of Dalat. Those who are looking for thrills should try the (mini) roller coaster ride from the top of the falls or an easy 15-minute walk gets you to the bottom.

Have your lunch at local restaurant on the way (tour guide he will recommend the prestigious restaurant if require)


You will see many original French colonial-style villas and homes that were built around the 1920s and ‘30s. Many hotels, golf courses, and spas, as well as schools and churches, were built in the same period, most using French designs.


A visit to a plantation will give an experience of weasel coffee. Wild weasels run around the plantations, eat the best and ripest coffee beans and then leave their droppings around with the coffee beans relatively undigested and intact.
Experts say the enzymes inside the weasel's stomach gives the beans a distinctive taste and aroma which connoisseurs are prepared to pay through the nose for.


The station was designed in Art Deco style which is perfectly in harmony with local characteristics and culture. Its three high pointed roofs resemble the three peaks of Lang Biang Mountain or as some people say, the communal house of ethnic minorities in Central Highland of Vietnam (called Nha Rong). Dalat railway station provided tourists with the 7km route from Dalat to Trai Mat station, where visitors can enjoy the fresh peaceful daily lifestyle of local people, find fresh vegetables and fruits in the local market, as well as visit small Linh Phuoc Pagoda.

8.  LINH PHUOC PAGODA (Broken glass pagoda)

The remarkable feature of the pagoda is the Dragon- shaped design made from the broken pieces of glasses in accordance with the design of Khai Dinh's Tomb in Hue. In the main temple, there is a statue of Thich Ca Buddhist with the height of 4.9m, sitting under the root of Bodhi tree. Besides the pagoda, we can see a 49m Dragon flying around the garden. The scabs of the dragon are made from 12,000 empty bottles. The head of the dragon is 7m high.
Especially, the pagoda has a 36- meter tower in the yard which contains an 8,500 - kilo bell in it.


Number of person    Price/1 pax (USD)
2- 3pax                        40 USD
4-6pax                         35 USD
>7pax                          30 USD

What’s Included: English speaking tourist guide, vehicle, entrance fees, tourist permits, water (small bottle water 0.5l)
What’s Not:  Meals ($8/pax extra if desired), cable car, roller coaster if you desire to do it! 
Depart From :    We’ll pick you up at your hotel
End At :              We’ll drop you off at your hotel
Start Time :        From  8 : 30 am  to 12:00 pm                              
Finish Time:        Between 3:30 and 4:00pm
Duration:               1 Day                                                
Departure Days:  Daily
Activities:                Sightseeing
Transportation: Van or car depending on group size, motorcycle (if desired)
What to Bring:    Hat, sunscreen, camera, comfortable shoes.

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Easy Payment:  Just fill your information at the the item " Booking Online" on the top page. We will reply to your email. Will come to pick up at your hotel. Our guide will bring our receipt and give you. You can pay for our guide. 

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